DownSideofFame, Adamsfamily negotiations
Founded In , 1990. Michael Adams
is one of the, Best in the business of Elite, Deal Making
honest,” “interactive,” and “cordial ” strong tradition of community and civic service. s , As billionaires have Been our clients, From BP Petroleum… Also OPEC of Saudi Arabia, our free Gas giveaway s to the general public’s Free Tanks of Gas, Covered By National News Live on T.V. To Major-league baseball…. Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa’s homerun record breaking Event where the world famous baseball Cap { The good Luck charm } Aired Us ,our business again Covered by Nation News Crews Live Satellite coverage…given away free to the general Publics of The United States ….To the N.B.A. World champion Lakers … ours campaigns & events, cover the problems of the NBA races fights where players were acting like little kids…. We were invited to the health center of the NBA Lakers got our two pennies work with the coaches owners and teams and would you know it.the only man and woman n.b.a. titles wontime where the both men and women of the world champions… We were at the party at the Hard Rock Cafe Universal Studios and got balls signed ….also
Super Elite Wal- marts. 5 million Dollar challenge environmental cleanup hazardous waste ,of old junk battery…stored in average Home garage… And toxics , Where a five dollar Walmart cash card was to be used for cigarettes merchandise covered by television… So you see some of our clients are big names in the business we know how to professionally keep a secret . Treat our clients with professionalism … It’s in our name downsideofFame,with fame comes problems,and we assist in….and get the deal done…On call 24/7 and travel the World.When world wide News hits..contracts24@yahoo.com
Our staffs mindset allows us to deliver our services in an efficient, cost effective manner. They eat at the local McDonald’s on the dollar menu

The firm currently provides comprehensive legal services in a wide variety of areas including the following:


Our trial lawyers have the talent, dedication and experience necessary to aggressively protect the interests of our clients. Whenever possible, we strive to resolve disputes without resort to litigation, saving time and money for our clients. When litigation is necessary, we vigorously prosecute or defend our clients’ interests. Our litigation expertise and philosophy, coupled with our experience in many areas of the law, allow us to serve our clients’ needs with the utmost professionalism.


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